Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident.—Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


Keeping this in view in SPS’s Shree Mumbadevi Vidya Niketan we not only provide quality education but also a healthy environment for the overall development of the child.  As we all know the children must be taught how to think not what to think, the curriculum is designed keeping in the mind the child’s developmental characteristics, needs, learning patterns and skills. In their journey from a beautiful cherub to a responsible teenager our qualified and committed teachers act as awakeners putting in their wholehearted efforts to see their progress with various teaching techniques complemented by TATA Class Edge which is installed in every class from Pre-Primary to Tenth. 


Our hope in SPS’s SMVN is that child will develop into a mature, happy, responsible, young adult who will be prepared to face the future with confidence.  Each student is unique individual with special gifts and talents.  We hope with our motivation, encouragement and hard work that all our students will develop their individual talents.  For this we are well equipped with various intra school competitions like Drawing, Craft, Recitation, Elocution, Essay Writing, Handwriting Competitions etc.  We sum up all the events in the form of Annual Sports Day and Annual Cultural Day.  Every day at SPS’s SMVN starts with a novelty and an activity to keep the interest level of the students high. 

Children are exposed to competitive exams like Scholarships, Homi Bhabha - Young Scientist Exams, Olympiads, Pradnya Shodh, Prabhutva , Marathi Nimnastar etc. 


Extra coaching is given to the students in the school premises for Middle School & High School Scholarship Examination, Maths Concept Examination, Maths Prabhutva.

Here in SPS’s SMVN we provide safe, pleasant & stimulating environment that enriches & enhances children’s lives.


Well lit airy & spacious classrooms to promote teaching learning process.

Using effective audio-visual training aids in learning events can help reinforce your verbal message significantly.  It ensures to hold the learner’s interest which help them gain, retain, recognize, recall and later use the information.  Keeping this in mind in SPS’s SMVN we have TATA Class Edge, Interactive System in each and every class right from the Pre-primary Section.


Science Educators assume that first hand experience in observation and manipulation of the materials of science is superior to other methods of developing understanding and appreciation.  For this SMVN has a well equipped science laboratory.


With the view of preparing our students for the technology centered world of tomorrow, the school makes computer education an integral part of the curriculum for students from first to tenth standard.  For this the school has hi-tech computer lab.


Any organization or institution to run successfully, requires an excellent team work.  We are proud to have a sincere and dedicated team of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff.


Text Box:    Staff


                          MRS. SHRADDHA A. RAMGADE          

                                    MISS SONAL S. PATEL    

                                     MRS. VIBHA V. SHINDE

                                     MRS. PREETI M. OAK                            MRS. POOJA K. DUBAL                           MISS POOJA P. KADAM                         MRS. ESHA A.NANOTI   



 PT TEACHER-                     MR. SAM JOSE                                                                          



 CLERK -                 MRS. LEENA JOSHI


 PEONS –                MR. SANDEEP K. KAMBLE

                               MR. SACHIN B. SONAR

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